MEMbership information



Membership to the Chamber is divided into the following:


  • Individual Member - for professionals, business persons, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Corporate Member - for small to medium enterprises, multinational companies, academic institutions, etc.
  • Affiliate Member - for trade organisations, religious institutions and other non-profit initiatives

Membership classification is decided by the Chamber. For more information, please email the Administrative and Program Development Officer at





All members are entitled to the following benefits:


  1. Inclusion in the Membership Directory which is released annually
  2. Unrestricted usage of the Chamber's logo for personal and business affairs including business cards, stationery, brochures, website and other media
  3. Access to the online B2B portal (to be launched in 2018)
  4. Company/Product/Service feature on the Chamber's social media page
  5. Reduced cost participation in future events and activities
  6. Priority invitation to future events and activities
  7. Landing Concierge assistance for business visits
  8. Direct Access to local suppliers for advertising and marketing material production
  9. Access to local Public Relations Specialists, Advertising Professionals and Social Media Marketing Experts for use in campaign implementations in the Southeast Asian region
  10. Referral Commission for inviting others to join the Chamber



Aside from the membership benefits mentioned above, corporate members are also entitled to the following:


  1. Additional two (2) designated representatives
  2. Participation in at least two (2) trade or promotional events free-of-charge
  3. Representatives are also eligible to be part of the Advisory Committee
  4. Official Chamber collar pin provided to representatives
  5. Logo and company website link on the Chamber's website


annual Membership contribution


As a social enterprise, the Chamber aims to make membership and participation in Chamber activities as affordable as possible. All contributions received from members and sponsors go to the Chamber's operations and implementation of various programs and activities. For the safety and convenience of members and to minimize excessive international banking fees, the Chamber uses PayPal as its financial service provider. Please click the corresponding link below depending on your membership classification to send your annual pledge.


Invididual members are requested to pledge at least EC$135 or US$50 yearly to maintain their membership in the Chamber.

Individual members, please click here to send your pledge.


Corporate members, please click here to send your pledge.


Affiliate members are requested to pledge at least EC$270 or US$100 yearly to maintain their membership in the Chamber.

Affiliate members, please click here to send your pledge.


Corporate sponsorship


To further reach the Chamber's objectives, Corporate Sponsors are invited to support the Chamber in its various endeavours. Event and activity benefits plus all benefits listed above are provided to Corporate Sponsors. For more details, please get in touch with the person in charge of the Chamber's Program Development at: