The Chamber’s Advisory Committee was established to bring together key individuals from the Eastern Caribbean region to provide transparency and general advice to the organization and its direction.
The Advisory Committee has a member representing each of the aforementioned Eastern Caribbean States and its general objectives are the following:


  • To help broaden the network of contacts that might support The Chamber’s further development 
  • To provide advice on issues of relevance including but not limited to economic, cultural, political and other important issues
  • To consider and make recommendations on general trends in the Eastern Caribbean region, the Southeast Asian region and elsewhere that might affect both regions 
  • To enhance the organizations awareness of related issues with relevance to its interest

Current Members of the Advisory Committee include:


  • Verlyn Faustin, Attorney-at-Law and Chairman, Cives Mundi Inc. 
  • Shannon Hawley, CEO, Xpress Events
  • Stephen Isidore, Attorney-at-Law and Corporate Counsel, Caribbean Commercial & IP Law Practitioners LLP
  • Samuel Raphael, Owner and Developer, Jungle Bay Villas
  • Rene Baptiste, CMG, Managing Partner, Baptiste & Co. Law Firm
  • Diana Thomas, Attorney-At-Law and Partner, Deterville, Thomas & Co.




Among the important objectives of The Chamber is to work closely with government and intergovermental stakeholders which include:


  • The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States 
  • The Caribbean Tourism Organization
  • The Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies 
  • Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority
  • Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority
  • Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit
  • Discover Dominica Authority
  • Invest Dominica Authority
  • Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit
  • Grenada Tourism Authority
  • Grenada Investment Development Corporation
  • Grenada Citizenship by Investment Unit
  • St. Kitts Tourism Authority
  • St. Kitts Investment Promotion Agency 
  • St. Kitts Citizenship by Investment Unit
  • Saint Lucia Tourist Board
  • Invest Saint Lucia
  • Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit
  • St. Vincent and The Grenadines Tourism Authority
  • Invest SVG



The Chamber's Management Team is responsible for the operations of the organization. Heading the team is Mr. Matthew Yngson, a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Philippines, and a multifaceted entrepreneur with two decades of media, journalism, technology, entertainment and business experience. Combined with the other team members background in various fields, this unique integration is effective in implementing the goals of The Chamber.


  • Matthew Yngson, Exec. Director & Envoy for Diplomatic Affairs

  • Darlene Mancenido, International Relations Officer

  • Allen Villabroza, Administrative and Program Development Officer

  • Rebecca Plechetero, Southeast Asia Legal Bureau Representative

  • Clemente Daluro, Logistics Officer

  • Patrick TulfoMedia Relations Consultant
  • Love-Love Tioseco, Philippine Liaison Representative

  • Peter Le, Vietnam Liaison Representative
  • Joko LaisonIndonesia Liaison Representative