• A range of consultancy services are offered on an ad-hoc basis, including advice to tourists, investors and companies wishing to visit, trade or invest in the Eastern Caribbean region.
  • Support with introductions and creating astute partnerships.




  • The Chamber offers its bespoke services to both members and non-members at varying costs. In general, these services may include one or more of the following:
  1. Business Location Services
  2. Management Consultancy
  3. Product and Marketing Development
  4. Legal Representation Guidance
  5. Target Market Information and Research
  6. Events Implementation
  7. Resource Sourcing
  8. Public and Private Sector Connection


EVENTS and activities


  • The Chamber, through strategic partnerships, will implement or take part in various conferences, seminars, workshops, investment, trade and travel programs including organising targeted industry-related visits to the Eastern Caribbean region.
  • For all the latest events implementation in Southeast Asia, please click the Events page.
  • For the most up-to-date Chamber news, events and activities, please visit our official page at: 




  • Membership to the Chamber is strictly by-invitation through a member of the Advisory Committee or by the Executive Director. 
  • Membership is intended for small-to-medium entrepreneurs, businesses, government persons, trade and business organizations, academic and related institutions and other associated persons and entities with interest in the Eastern Caribbean region. 
  • Members receive a range of benefits including invitations to participate in trade and industry related events and exclusive activities including private high-level meetings as well as access to the Chamber’s quarterly electronic publication and private online forum.
  • Petitions for membership are accepted and subject for review by the Chamber's Advisory Committee. 
  • For more information on Membership, please email the officer in charge of memberships at:



  • “Wa Gwaan?” is a quarterly electronic publication that provides concise and relevant information on several topics that include investment, trade, politics, business, etc. and other news from the Eastern Caribbean region.
  • The Chamber also maintains an online portal for members to share thoughts and ideas as well as contacts, information, files and other related business resources. (currently in development, to be launched 4th quarter 2017)