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  • A range of consultancy services are offered on an ad-hoc basis, including advice to investors and companies intending to visit, trade and do business in the Eastern Caribbean region and in Southeast Asia.
  • Support with introductions and creating astute partnerships.
  • Bespoke services include organisation of trade missions, assistance in regional trade shows, company and government representation, and market intelligence.




  • The Chamber, through strategic partnerships, will implement various conferences, seminars, workshops, investment, trade and travel programs including targeted trade visits to the Eastern Caribbean region and to Southeast Asia.




  • Membership to the Chamber is through official application only. 
  • Membership is intended for business entities, government persons, allied organisations and other associated persons with interest in the Eastern Caribbean region and in Southeast Asia. 
  • Members receive a range of benefits including invitations to exclusive events and private high-level meetings as well as access to all electronic publication and relevant market information.
  • Membership applications are subject for review by the Chamber's Management Team. 
  • For more information on Membership guidelines, please communicate with our Administrative and Program Development Officer at admin@ecseachamber.org.



  • “The Chamber Newsletter” is an electronic publication that provides concise and relevant information on several topics that include investment, trade, politics, business, etc. and other related news about the Chamber and its activities.
  • The Chamber also maintains an information service exclusive for members to share thoughts and ideas as well as contacts, information, files and other resources.




  • The Chamber is the Official Secretariat of the Caribbean ASEAN Council. An international civil society organisation and volunteer advocacy programme that aims to push further dialogue on the economic and social effects of climate chage, pursue the ideals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and increase overall relations between the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. The Council serves thirty-four (34) Caribbean countries including sovereign nations and associated islands and connects them with the ten (10) members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).




  • The Chamber is the Global Registrar of the Asia Caribbean Open Institute, an educational advocacy of the Caribbean ASEAN Council. The Institute is an important program of the Council which addresses the fundamental right of education for all. This project was implemented in support of Goal no. 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. As the institute's registrar, the Chamber is responsible for all student and administrative affairs.